Case Study

To test our model our team at The Civilian Volumes recently covered a burning issue about a dying lake which wasn't sensational enough for the mainstream media to focus on.

Somasundarpalya Lake, a lake located off HSR Layout, a prime residential area in Bangalore has been battling for survival, and the neighbouring localities have been facing problems as well because of various complicated reasons.

Our production team with immense co-operation from KHSSP, a Resident Welfare Association (RWA) based in HSR Layout created a comprehensive documentary video about the problem.

We then approached high-profile authorities including the Bangalore Development Minister Mr KJ George and Rajya Sabha MP Mr Kupendra Reddy to get answers on this issue and made another conclusive documentary getting their statements on record.

The RWA even used both the documentary videos as visual dossiers to show to the bureaucrats. Although the fight to revive and improve the lake is still on, we're doing our bit to help the fight.


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